Is Online Counselling Better Than Face To Face Mental Health Therapy

Is Online Counselling Better Than Face To Face Mental Health Therapy - 1

With the rise of online video communication, the popularity of online counselling has soared. For many people, it has become the new go-to form of therapy, replacing the traditional in-person form of counselling.

But is online counselling as good, or even better, than face-to-face therapy?

For many people, it can be. Therapy via virtual conferencing can add a layer of flexibility that isn’t present with face-to-face appointments. It offers the option of remaining at home, which can be more comfortable and convenient for patients in many cases.

At Pynk Health, we understand that every individual has different needs. Our online therapy appointments are designed to cater to each patient, according to their unique circumstances and goals.

What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is a method of conducting therapy that involves video conferencing via a computer or other device. Using an online chat platform, the therapist and patient are able to see and chat with each other in real-time.

The content of an online appointment is generally the same as it would be in person, or “in real life.” The only difference is that you are speaking to your therapist through a screen whilst remaining comfortable in your own home.

While this form of therapy may not be for everyone, there are many reasons why you may consider it. Looking at the benefits and drawbacks of both, you can determine which type of therapy may be ideal for your needs and circumstances.

How is Online Therapy Better Than Face-to-Face?

Mental health is a complicated field, and what works for one person may not work for another. While both online and face-to-face therapy can be effective, opting for the flexibility of online counselling may be the better option for some.

It could be said that online counselling is no different from in-person therapy, in the sense that both involve meeting with a licenced professional who is there to support you in your mental health. But, in some cases, online counselling can provide a great avenue to people for whom face-to-face counselling is not ideal.

Let’s explore the reasons why someone may choose online counselling over face-to-face:

1. No Commute

One of the best advantages of online appointments is that you don’t need to travel. This means you don’t need to worry about traffic, travel costs, or navigating to a new place. It also cuts back on the amount of time you need to reserve for your therapy session, as you won’t need to factor in the time it takes to get there.

2. More Accessible

For some people, it may be hard to access in-person therapy due to living far away. Being able to meet virtually, without needing to leave home, makes therapy more accessible for people who would find it difficult to access face-to-face counselling.

3. Increased Privacy

Online counselling also provides patients with more privacy. If you prefer the security and privacy of your home environment, you may feel more comfortable speaking to a mental health practitioner via online chat.

4. More Comfortable

When speaking about things that are personal to your life and mental health, it can be helpful to be in an environment that you find comfortable. Staying at home for your online therapy appointment gives you the option of maximum comfort, and this can help you relax and get the most out of your therapy.

5. Greater Flexibility

Another great benefit of online therapy is the flexibility it offers. Patients have the option to choose from a range of dates and times, according to what fits with their schedule and preferences.

But is it Always Better?

Like every form of therapy, personal factors will influence what is best for an individual. Although online counselling can offer a range of benefits, it may present limitations for people who require:

  • Non-verbal communication that doesn’t pick up on camera
  • Intensive support that cannot be provided online
  • A neutral space, separated from home and everyday life

If you are unsure which kind of counselling to seek, our team at Pynk Health can help you make a decision that fits your comfort levels, needs, and situation. You can then begin to prepare for your online appointment.

Why Choose Pynk Health for Online Counselling

For people who are interested in online counselling, it can be helpful to consider the potential benefits and downsides of this form of therapy. If you find the idea of in-person counselling inconvenient, uncomfortable, or if it doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle or schedule, an appointment with an online therapist can give you the help you need.

At Pynk Health, we aim to ensure each patient feels comfortable and supported in their mental health management. Options for online counselling provide our patients with both effective psychological support and optimised comfort and convenience. Contact us to find out more, or book an appointment at our Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, and Hobart locations.