Online Counselling Australia

In Australia, one in every three women experiences anxiety, and with today’s fast-paced and high demand lifestyle, finding time for self-care and healing can be challenging. Whether you’re dealing with a specific issue or a general sense of discontentment, online therapy can help to accommodate your schedule, no matter how busy. In this article, we discuss the inner workings of online therapy as well as the services we offer. Learn about the benefits of online treatment over in-person therapy, as well as how you can access medical rebates and lower out-of-pocket costs.

How does online counselling work?

Online counselling often known as telehealth is therapy provided through video calls and telephone services. Anyone who wants to receive online therapy simply needs access to a communication device (such as a laptop, iPad or smartphone with a working microphone and speaker) and a reliable phone or internet connection.

To maintain privacy and ease of communication, most online therapy sessions will need you to move to a quiet location within your area. If video calls aren’t your thing, the team at Pynk Health is more than happy to take appointments over the phone. Video calling with a therapist means enjoying the benefits of face-to-face counselling whilst staying in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel.

Online therapy vs in person

Online therapy and in-person therapy both have their share of benefits. Choosing the right mode of therapy for you mostly depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Patients who live in rural locations, have difficulty travelling, or have busy job schedules may find online treatment to be quite beneficial. Additionally, online therapy can be an excellent introduction to mental health services, offering an easily accessible platform to begin your treatment.

Online therapy is not only a flexible alternative to in-person services, but it also comes at a lesser cost, with the standard face-to-face psychologist session priced roughly 30% to 40% higher than typical online therapy sessions. You can also expect to save on petrol and missed working hours when undergoing online therapy.

It’s not completely one-sided however, in person therapy does allow your psychologist the ability to pick up on body language and non verbal cues easier, as well as provide you a neutral location away from the rest of the world. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you as the patient.

Advantages of online therapy

Although there are various advantages to online therapy, finding a psychologist who can fulfil your treatment needs is also a vital step in receiving high-quality services. Pynk Health’s psychological services will provide you with an experience that is:


Access professional psychological services from home, avoiding long commutes and uncomfortable waiting rooms.


Communicate with your psychologist, using online software that is designed to keep your information safe and secure in accordance with Australian privacy and security requirements. Without needing to attend any particular physical location, no one needs to know you’re heading off to a therapy session unless you want them to.


Attend sessions at times that are convenient for you, with appointments available on weekends and after business hours. Wait times are typically shorter with online sessions as well, as the flexibility of work hours is also something psychologists can take advantage of.


Speak to expert female psychologists in a secure setting, with each of our team members specialising in a variety of focuses and treatment modalities.

Due to a variety of issues such as travel, scheduling, and frequency of visits, regular treatment can be a difficult task. However, with online therapy, clients can access our psychological services at their convenience, removing many barriers that could normally prevent them from receiving continuous treatment.

Our mental health services

Our services are available to women at every stage of their lives and are tailored to fit your specific needs through an individualised psychological assessment. This assessment is conducted by a psychologist using a variety of methods such as interviews, observation, consultation and formal psychological testing. With the data from Pynk Health’s assessment process, we can design a treatment plan that outlines your objectives.

At Pynk Health we pair you with a compassionate female psychologist who can help you with the societal pressures that come with being a woman, as well as any other mental health issues you may be experiencing. Some areas we offer treatment in include:


Depression or a general loss of interest or pleasure can be difficult to comprehend and manage on your own. If you <ahref=””>suspect you are depressed or are simply going through a difficult time in your life, please reach out.


Anxiety is a mental health condition that can be exacerbated by numerous factors, including relationships, employment and financial difficulties. There are many forms of anxiety such as generalised, panic and social anxiety disorder.


Trauma refers to an emotional reaction to a traumatic experience. Trauma can make it difficult to cope and manifests itself in different ways for different people. Guilt, shame, worthlessness and hopelessness are common reactions.


Whether it’s friendships, familial ties, or romantic relationships, all relationships have their own set of challenges. Psychologists can help you improve the communication, accountability, and expectations in your relationship going forward.

This is only a snapshot of the services we offer at Pynk Health with more information available on our general services page. If you’re thinking about getting online counselling and are curious about what kind of fees it may incur, read on.

Online Counselling fees Australia

Accessing financial assistance for a psychologist can be done by requesting a mental health treatment plan during your next doctor’s appointment. Mental health treatment plans (as of the 11th of December 2021) allow you to claim up to 20 psychology sessions each calendar year and can be used for a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma. If you’re unsure of what support is available, open up a discussion with your doctor to explore your options. Once you’ve got a letter from your doctor referring you to a psychologist, it can be forwarded to your preferred practitioner. Following therapy, some practices such as Pynk Health, can process your rebate for you, so it’s worth checking with your psychologist or counsellor. Otherwise you can claim your session online, at your nearest Medicare location. If your psychologist can process the rebate on your behalf, the rebated amount will normally be credited to your account the following day. If your insurer covers them, you may also claim your appointments through private health insurance.

When contemplating the financial constraints associated with long-term therapy, free online psychology services may seem appealing. However, many free practitioners lack the necessary credentials to legally and appropriately treat their patients, making these services insecure and potentially harmful.

Additionally, whilst some reliable free services may exist, they are typically reserved for emergencies where those seeking help may be in a state of extreme crisis. While these services are supported by secure infrastructure and do not charge extra fees, they are not intended for ongoing therapy and do not provide the individualised attention that comes with a customised mental health treatment plan.

Online therapy is a convenient and secure service that can help you fit ongoing therapy into your busy schedule. Whether via phone or video, online psychological services can provide you with flexible appointment times from the comfort of your home. Choosing the right online therapy service to match your needs and lifestyle is made easy with our diverse range of services and modalities. We not only provide a variety of therapies but we also ensure that they align with your personal goals and objectives through a thorough evaluation. Pynk Health aims to be accessible to all women at all phases of their lives and accepts mental health treatment plans in providing financially sustainable therapies. If you’d like us to get in touch about how Pynk Health can help support your mental health journey, please fill out our contact form.