Most Compassionate All-Female Psychologist Team 2023

The success of women in the business world is steadily rising, with many women leading their fields and inspiring others to follow their lead. This is accompanied by a recognition of the accomplishments of women who excel in their businesses and make a positive impact on their coworkers, clients, and communities.

Pynk Health is proud to announce the reception of an upcoming Influential Businesswoman Award by Acquisition International Global Media, recognising the Most Compassionate All-Female Psychologist Team of 2023.

The Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International is the host of the annual Influential Businesswomen Awards, which showcases the most exceptional and inspiring female leaders and professionals in the business world.

Open to female business leaders everywhere, the awards showcase the outstanding merit of women who lead their fields and make a positive impact on their communities. We are excited to announce that Pynk Health, directed by Julie Fox, has been awarded Most Compassionate All-Female Psychologist Team 2023.

Awardees are recognised for their demonstrated leadership, along with:

  • Expertise within their given field
  • Dedication to client service and satisfaction
  • An ongoing commitment to excellence and quality

TClinical Psychologist Julie Fox

As a psychology practice run by women, for women, we pride ourselves on combining the most up-to-date best practice strategies with a compassionate and caring approach. This helps ensure the success of ourselves and our clients.

As the director of Pynk Health, Julie Fox takes a consistent client-focused approach, dedicated to building strong therapeutic relationships with each client by catering to their personal needs. Her team of qualified psychologists support the well-being of each client, combining a warm and caring approach with evidence-based practices and strategies to achieve the best outcomes possible.

The reception of an Influential Businesswoman Award is reflective of this commitment to compassionate client service.

Our dedicated team at Pynk Health

The recognition as Most Compassionate All-Female Psychologist Team 2023 is a reflection of the determination and hard work showcased by our team.

The merit-driven award is not determined by popularity but by the value we contribute to our clients and community. This means it is reflective of a high standard of knowledge and dedication, as well as a testament to the hard work, compassion, and commitment to quality exhibited by Julie and her entire team here at Pynk Health.

Find out more about our all-female team of psychologists at Pynk Health, or inquire for more information.